A quest was born. I was a man on a mission - a mission to find a way to help help these youngsters believe they could win an Olympic Gold.

I invested time researching the cognitive neuroscience of human performance and explored how understanding the mind would help people to not only change the way they think, but also what they believe they can achieve.

As part of my journey of discovery, I fully embraced endurance sports, not having done anything like it before!  I entered off-road triathlons, extreme technical mountain biking events (with every downhill challenge providing the biggest rush), and even multi-day stage running events.  I did this to gain a much more personal and deeper understanding of the mindset required to train for and race in such events. I loved it all.

While I was exploring the psychology and neuroscience of sports performance, I was also working in the corporate world. I began to wonder about how others, who like me struggle with ADHD, maintain high performance in the corporate world. I was keen to explore how I could harness not only my background and research in psychology and neuroscience, but also my own personal experience with ADHD and the deeply insightful conversations I have with others who face similar challenges, to help teens and adults with ADHD.

Sports psychology and performance coaching is my passion and helping others with ADHD is my calling. It is my mission to help others dream big, and as their coach and thinking partner, explore strategies and co-create high performance habits and thinking patterns that unlock their full potential.

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