A quest was born. I was a man on a mission - a mission to find a way to help help these youngsters believe they could win an Olympic Gold.

I invested time researching the cognitive neuroscience of human performance and explored how understanding the mind would help people to not only change the way they think, but also what they believe they can achieve.

As part of my journey of discovery, I fully embraced endurance sports, not having done anything like it before!.  I entered off-road triathlons, extreme technical mountain biking events (with every downhill challenge providing the biggest rush), and even multi-day stage running events.  I did this to gain a much more personal and deeper understanding of the mindset required to train for and race in such events. I loved it all.

As I explored the psychology and neuroscience of sports performance I discovered that business coaching was born out of sports psychology: as executives began looking for ways to improve their own and their team’s performance, they found those answers in sports psychology. I found myself using the principles of performance in sports at the office, coaching and mentoring my own team and others, to master the mental game in the workplace.

The original mission has evolved. My mission is to facilitate purpose-driven change. Purpose-driven change means being clear on the change you desire and then mapping what you need to do to get where you want to be. Along the way I use sound and proven brain-based principles as I believe when we understand how the mind works we are empowered to unlock our full potential. As a coach (or thinking partner) I help unpack your purpose and walk with you on your path to change.


Philip Collier (M.A. Psychology)

Cape Winelands

South Africa​​


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