Unlocking your full potential

I discovered that I have adult ADHD when I was doing my masters degree in Psychology. Knowing I had ADHD wasn't just the beginning of changing how I felt about myself but also the first step in learning to navigate a world designed and inhabited by "neurotypicals".

The reason why many of the approaches to managing ADHD symptoms have not worked is because they view the ADHD brain as deficit-based. Help has focused on turning us into neurotypicals. It doesn't work.

Your ADHD brain is wired differently from others and so the typical strategies and tactics for enhancing performance often don't work. Together we'll work on helping you write your personal owner's manual, one that works for you and sets you up for success.

Some of the areas we can work on together are:

  1. Discover how your brain really works, why you act, think and feel like you do

  2. Unpack challenges in relationships at home, school or work.

  3. Uncover your strengths and unique set of skills

  4. Explore tools, tips and life hacks that have worked for others with ADHD

  5. Choose what works for you and write your own manual for success


Philip Collier (M.A. Psychology)

Accredited CBT practitioner (APT Level 2)

Cape Winelands

South Africa​​

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