Since childhood competitive sport has been a big part my life. I struggled with ADHD as a child and sport always seemed to be the one place where I felt I did well. I started out as a competitive swimmer at aged five and then sprinter in high school before turning to martial arts in university, eventually teaching martial arts as a certified instructor and kung fu master. And now my greatest joys are trail running, open water swimming and off-road triathlons.

I was always fascinated by the mind. I imagine I was influenced by the struggles associated with being wired differently to others. Human behaviour intrigued me and I completed my post-graduate studies in psychology. I specialised in neuropsychology, which I loved because it explained how the brain works and how the way we are wired influences how we think, feel and act.

After spending some time in academia I entered the corporate world, where I have successfully held local and global management and leadership positions for over 15 years. This was not without struggle. I am passionate about helping those who live with ADHD, like me, thrive professionally.

The experience I have gained along this journey has given me a deep understanding of the challenges we face when striving to succeed in sport and business. This has translated in a role as coach and mentor to people in sport and business for over a decade – a privilege I honour.


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