Brain-based performance coaching

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Is performance coaching for you?

Do you feel anxious in anticipation of a task or event? Are you struggling to get into the zone?  Do you find it difficult to focus or get things done? Do you feel you're not delivering what believe you are capable of doing?

Have you set personal or professional goals that you are struggling to achieve? Are you wondering where to next professionally?


If so then performance coaching is for you!

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is about helping you understand and train your mind, empowering you to create strategies and habits to unlock your full potential.


Performance coaching aims to help you both attain peak performance in the moment and achieve and sustain high performance over the long-term.

Striving to be #betterthanyesterday

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coaching services

High performance ADHD coaching

Working with adults and teenagers with ADHD to identify and unlock the keys to reaching their full potential 

High performance sports coaching

Working with people who are passionate about sports, across all disciplines, and want to master the mental game

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Hi there. I enjoy teaching martial arts, I love the outdoors, trail running and adventure sports - and truth be told I am rather competitive (and hence my interest in the psychology of performance). I hold a personal belief that drives me to want to leave the world a better place each day. I feel that most when I am engaging with people on a personal level and I feel deep satisfaction when I see people achieve their goals and dreams.



I was asked to talk to a group of young elite cyclists about mental skills training. I asked two questions. “How many of you would like to win an Olympic Gold?”. Everyone raised their hands. “How many of you believe you can win an Olympic Gold?” Just one in the group raised their hand. I was blown-away. How could this be? How could any of these youngsters hope to win an Olympic Gold if they did not believe they could?


Finding the right coach for you makes all the difference. I am available for a 30 minute chat to explore out how coaching can help you achieve your goals, so you can ask me any questions you might have, and so you see if the fit is right for you. Click on 'Let's Chat' and we can arrange a time.

book a session

Book an individual performance coaching session online or take advantage of the benefits of purchasing a BrainSparks high performance coaching pricing plan. Individual coaching prices start at R950 (approx. €45) per hour. Pricing plans start at R5400 (approx. €270).


"Be a master of the mind

not mastered by the mind"

—  Zen proverb

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